47Fab News: August 2012
47 Fab News

Friday, August 31, 2012

Coming soon...?

We have 'tailed quite a few sporties here over the years and have been asked one time too many if we offer a weld on. Well, weld on hardtails for Evo and late Ironhead Sportsters are in the works here. More info as we make progress on them. Nothing earth shattering but something. More info by calling the shop 908-526-8865 or contact mike@47fab.com.

Double Sissy

Our friend Fritz wanted this contraption fabbed up. Double sissy bar. Kinda neat and supposed to be strong. Props to Irish Rich for helping Fritz with the design and theory. We just bent and melted the pieces together.

shovel tail

Did a couple of these this month. Keep your VIN and get "the look". Contact mike@47fab.com or call the shop 908-526-8865 for more info

Wanted. pre rubber mount EVO sportster frame

I will buy your unwanted factory EVO sportster frame. I need no numbers or title. just the frame. You can even whiz wheel the vin out of the neck but I need the neck intact other than that. cash in hand and I will pay to ship a good deal.Call me 908-526-8865 or mike@47fab.com  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And shop work getting done too

Another Shovelhead frame under the knife this week. It's getting the 47 hardtail treatment. Stay tuned.

More renovations

Got the pegboard up. Needs paint still. And a lot more product but it's moving forward.

Here's our friend Rich working on the new counter/desk thingy. Rich is one of those guys can do anything at all and make pros rethink their skill set. He's an ace carpenter in addition to a lot of other things.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Our customer hit one of New Jersey's finest potholes and bent up his front wheel. Luckily that was all he bent up. We relaced a new hoop and spokes up to his hub. Thanks for biz Scott!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mikey's shovel mock up

Ryan is loving this project so much he stays late to work on it. Here's the initial mock up he did last week. It needs a few tweaks but it's going well. Offset springer, Hap Jones tank, Flanders risers, Wassell rear fender....Gonna be a neat machine.

Too kool for skool

Mark's 52 'burban school bus turned bike hauler is done and will be aiding in the  moving of vintage British Motorcycles again very soon. This time around it was all new leaf springs and hardware, new shocks, steering box, straighten and rebuild the steering linkages, new king pins, rebuild the rear axle with new highway gears, new axle shafts, new bearings etc, new driveshaft yoke and u-joints, new clutch and rebuild the trans, rebuild the trans x-member mounts, new rear brakes and parking brake stuff, disc upgrade up front with a new dual pot master system, all new lines and hoses, remove some extra? metal parts from the bottom,  some new straight wheels with tasty pie crust tires, new battery box, battery and cables.  Maybe some more too that I choose not to recall right now. Thanks for your patience with the job Mark. You'll be happy you did the work.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


We built this cb350 on the cheap for a customer a few years ago. It has sat outside for the last 1 1/2 years for unfortunate reasons but it's back for a freshen up and to get it back on the road. I buffed the tank while it off for a wash out and I couldn't believe the paint held up so well out in the elements for that time. I couldn't help but snap a few reflecto-pix. Paint and body was done by my good friend JR who has taught me so much about that topic over the years. Thanks for the education JR. And of course for the top notch work that can stand the test of time and elements.