47Fab News: January 2010
47 Fab News

Sunday, January 17, 2010

cb350 sold

Tha cafe racer has been sold. The new owner will be tearing around the ny, conn., border area this year. If you got smoked by a 350 it was him!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

47 Industries in The Horse Magazine

Ok, not a feature. Ok, not even a 1/4 page pic. Just an honorable mention in the Amateur chop-off article on page 68. I did the hardtail section and some stainless steel wheel spacers for builder Alex Pedroso. He was kind enough to mention 47 Industries as being involved. Thanks Alex.

Sailing....Takes me away.

This is a shot of my friend Wayne enjoying a day on the (not so) high seas in his sail boat. Wayne has taught me so much about welding and fabrication over the years. I hope anything I make could be 1/2 as good as his stuff. Looks like fun doesn't it? Arrrgghh!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My rant for the day

I just got pissed off at the gas station. Why do the lazy gas pumpers insist on going to the passenger side window? I know the answer is laziness but wtf? I pumped gas for years and was taught to go to the window where the fucking driver is. I worked retail jobs for other stores too and was always told I was there to serve the customer and give them the best service I could. This is something that I have always held in the highest regard wether it's my shop or I am working for someone else.
My car was off, driver's window down and this guy opens the passenger door instead of walking around to my window. The part that really got me was I said something to the guy, fairly nicely, and he walked away without taking the money. When I questioned that he turned his back and went away. No apology, not even a "cut me a break" or a weak excuse. Maybe I should have taken off with free gas! I went in to the boss and said something cause I thought maybe he would want to be a better business and he looked to care even less. My intention was not to get the guy in trouble. It was to help improve the service of one of the last private shops/gas stations in the area in the hopes that it will be able to stay in business when there is cheaper gas 1/2 mile away on the highway. I even mentioned to him that I worked that job and knew guys that worked for him years back and that he taught them the right way to do the job and about service. He didn't seem to care a bit. He didn't even offer a crappy statement like "I'm sorry you had a bad experience but.....". No "I hope you'll give us another shot and continue to spend your cash here". Nothing. He just defended the guy. I left the cash on the counter and left. I guess my only outlet is here on my blog. Well that and when someone asks why I give my cash to the "towel heads" at Lukoil instead of to this guy, I can tell this story of how the small business owner is putting himself out of business.
47 Industries will now try even harder to satisfy our customers. Thanks to the guys at that gas station. I need to stay in business.


Only 230 days to get your bike and gear squared away for the Gypsy Run 4! If you're the guy who keeps saying "maybe I can make it next year", then we'll see you next year. In the meantime we'll be having the most fun the roads and campgrounds of the northeast have to offer. Keep tuned to the GR4 site for news and info. http://www.eastcoastgypsyrun.com/