47Fab News: June 2012
47 Fab News

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Got Hardware?

I think we need a few more bins and another shelf but we just about have all the hardware in proper organizers.

Monday, June 25, 2012

art of the bike

We took a vendor spot at this local growing event. The Art of the Bike is a vintage bike show and Bluegrass concert now in it's 3rd year. Great Machines, fantastic people, good food and the music wasn't overpowering the event but rather just nice entertainment. The high school kids band kicked but with 2 on time drummers playing in synch! The park provided a great setting with plenty of shade. If you like vintage bikes of any type this is a great local event. Everything is welcome and some real great stuff shows up. I'll add more over the next day or so.


Temperatures nearing 100 last week so we stayed in the AC doing some renovations in the office. New retail area on the way.