47Fab News: March 2012
47 Fab News

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Our customer is building a bike reminiscent of the ones Losa Engineering did a while back. It's a 1964 cb160. We cleaned up some tabs and brackets off the frame, added the rear loop and notched a bit to mount the tail cone/seat. Added a sheet metal pan for the battery and starter solenoid complete with studs for mounting. Drilled and bent up an Aluminum battery retainer to keep the Shorai ultra light and super powerful battery in place (2 lbs. and it cranks the engine over). Fabbed the plate mount. Added a After Hours Choppers tail lamp (super easy to work with and top quality part. Buy one!). We drilled a bunch of holes in perfectly good parts and made the stainless steel linkages for the Losa Eng. rearsets (set up with GP shift pattern). We mounted a few items and made some little knick-knacks here and there. New stainless exhaust is next.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

more goings on

64 cb160. Bunch of fab and custom pipes in the works.
71 ct70 has been sitting a long time. Get it running and do some basic stuff.
Got the '53 F1 front end mocked at ride height and lowered the rear a bit to match.
And a clutch replacement for good measure.

too cool for school

Got bust getting things apart on this '52 chevy wagon. Needs springs, shackles, shocks, brakes, a rear axle rebuild, steering joint rebuild, rebuilt steering box, new dual pot power master and front disc brakes, u joints, a throw out bearing, and some other stuff. Yeah rust!

Monday, March 19, 2012

More pictures from our Unfinished Bike Show posted

Found some more pictures posted of our 2nd Annual Unfinished Bike show last February on Rust Is Gold blog. View them here - http://bit.ly/GzIE4x

Friday, March 9, 2012

Vincent head repair

We got a Vincent head at he shop this week. Someone else started the repair but we obtained a 2" x20 TPI tap and finished the over bore rethread. We can't take credit for machining the brass insert. The customer scored it from another Vincent owner. We finished the tapping, cleaned the hole and used an extreme high temperature retaining compound to keep it in place. Then dressed the edge flush. Pipe collar fits like a glove. Glad to have been involved in the bike and flattered to have been trusted to work on a valuable piece of Unobtainium.

Truckin' update

Got the roof all buttoned up and headed over to the scale this week for an official number on the weight reduction. We lost 3000 lbs!! I am very happy with that. We trusted out friends and neighbors and Somerset Spring and Alignment to handle the reworking of the suspension to balance the load out. So far they pulled some leaves out of the front springs and put on some proper sized front wheels and tires. Sitting just about level empty now.

Next we load the truck up with race cars and gear and start the custom air bag load assist system which will be a joint effort between Somerset Spring and 47 Industries.

If you live in Central NJ and are going elsewhere for your spring work you are not going to the right place.


One of our customers is looking for a 1976 Kawasaki KX250 exhaust. If you have anything let me know please. He will pair a fair price. It can be perfect, or in need of some work. If it has a crushed front half and the rear half is good we'll still be interested. Looks like this minus the huge hole and brass mess.

Contact: mike@47fab.com

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

53 ford truck upgrades

Got in this '53 Ford with a whooped front end. Time for some better brakes and suspension.
Although we are updating the underside the owner is keeping the 239 flathead v8. But the pan needed some relief.
I slice a little out of the pan and a little off the new x-member and we have just enough room to be happy.
Frame boxed. Modern Mustang 2 Hats and x-members tacked on and all double checked for the right alignment specs. All the pieces have been dry fit and it's time to pull it apart for final welding.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yard Sale!!

King and queen seats. $40 each + ship. Drag Specialties is SOLD.

The Corbin Gentry has a few tears about it-I call it soul!

Prism tank. Solid. Looks to be new but there is some rust inside from it sitting around.
$120 + ship.

Dave Cook? perimeter brake rotor. Never used or damaged. Stainless. $80 + ship.

Brand new Paughco 18 x 5.5" 80 spoke. Twisted chrome spokes. BRAND NEW IN THE BOX!!!

Has 3/4" bearing in it and comes with the 1" ones too. I took it out of the wrapping for the pix. You will get it in the original box packed in the formed foam liner. Retails at $449. Dealer cost was over $250. $200+ ship.


Took the front 9' off of this race car hauler. Truck was too heavy and the owner only needs to get 2 cars in there.

Chopped and closed back up with new skins and a new section of fiberglass roof. Over 400 bucked rivets on this job so far! We needed to remove at least 1500 lbs. We hit the scale yesterday. We took off over 3000 lbs. Now we have some room to build the upstairs bunk in the lounge section.

Future plans are the lounge/bunks and some reworked suspension to deal with the new weight distribution.

porsche stuff

One of our customers does Porsche race car prep for SCCA type stuff. We do their fabrication and welding work. We hammerformed these headlamp blanks to fill the holes on 968s when they removed the heavy lamp assemblies. Hand hammered and shrunk from .040" aluminum.

The other things are rear window braces for the middle of the lexan rear windows on 944s. They are .120" aluminum rails with .090" ribs. We did the holes with our Rotex punch.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Josh! It's done

Josh's '82 shovel got the axe this week. Stock HD rigid dimensions for the most part. Forged axle plates, DOM tubing, and all Tig welded. All tubing is bent in house and all slugs are custom fit to each frame for good tight fits. All done on our frame fixture. This '82 had plates around the seat post and presented an interesting problem during the upper tube realignment step. I think we found a decent solution. That last pic is the bottom. There's 6 tube seams and 8 plug welds in that pic. We work hard to make sure you can't tell where they are. You won't need to do any body work to cover our work. We deliver all our hardtails back to our customers with this same level of fit and finish.
Turn around is usually 2 weeks depending on shop load (this one was 4 days). Contact mike@47fab.com for info.