47Fab News: September 2009
47 Fab News

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dice sucks?

When I first found Dice Magazine I really didn't care for it. It didn't give me enough details about the bikes like some of the popular magazines did. You know like how the guy ground down re-bar to make his 60 foot long ridicu-springer death-trap or how hairy his ass is. So I passed on Dice. Since then I've matured and realized that I don't care about those guys asses at all. I just want to see bikes built by regular guys and Indy shops that haven't sold out to the mighty (or not so mighty) dollar and just make cool shit. What I'm saying here is grow up and buy Dice Magazine. Look at some pix. and learn the details by studying the bikes and talking to the guys that ride them. Oh yeah, the newest issue is here #28. $7. Available at the news stand at 47 Industries or by mail. Back issues available. Email mike@47fab.com for payment info and availability. Step up, hairy ass bitches!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Greasy Kulture #11 out now!

The newest volume of Greasy Kulture is here. $8.50. We also have back issues in stock back to #6. Discounts for multiple issues available. Contact mike@47fab.com for availability, payment info and rates. Dice Magazine also in stock. Locals can pick them up at the shop and save a few $$.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Walt Seigel's Shovel. A fresh take on a bike for sure. Usually Brit guys try to make them look like Harley's. Walt turned the tables with this one. Very cool.

Kevin Orainger's Panhead. Black and gold leaf paint by Ryzart

Brooklyn Invitational Awesomeness!

Andy Camay's Shovel. Need screen printing? Call Andy at American Icon in Newburgh, NY.

Went out to Brooklyn for a bit yesterday for the First Annual Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show. I am so blown away by the whole thing. I couldn't stay long but snapped a few pix. This show is a must for any custom bike fan. The vibe was just awesome. About 20 invited builders brought bikes to be put on display art gallery style in a private skate park/warehouse. No admission. No velvet ropes. No big heads. Just good times, great bikes, and some sick skating. In addition to the invited bikes there were at least 100 bikes outside on the street, many of those were show worthy customs by themselves. The weather was great for riding and hanging out and pleasant for those vendors like Dice Magazine, Paul Cox, and a few others who were there making it easier for you to get the latest swag and propaganda. If you were there you know why I was so happy to be able to be there. If you weren't? Well, you missed a killer event.
Pro builders like Paul Cox, Walt Seigel, and Bill Dodge had bikes parked next to amatures (that word is so not fitting here as their bikes were so well done) like Kevin Orraingers black and gold Panhead and Andy Camays Shovel. All the bikes were downright righteous and I would love to have any one of them in my garage.
I didn't get to meet everyone I wanted to. I would have been pretty stoked to meet Max Schaaf. I'm a fan of his style for some time and would love to hear where it comes from. Next time I will give myself more than an hour to take it all in. I am so looking forward to next year's event. I will be sure to clear the schedule, you should do the same.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

cb350 build update

At the end of June I blogged a bit about this bike. It was a rusty POS. I found a buyer and we've been busy cleaning, painting and polishing. It's nearing completion now so I guess an update pic. is in order.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gypsy Run 3. Another one in the books

The Gr was awesome. Anyone that missed it really missed out on a great time. Day one brought rain. Lots of it. 270+ miles of it to be exact. But that didn't deter the hardcore MFr's from showing up at the Cool Beans Coffe Shop in Oradell, NJ (great place to grab a cup of joe and a snack by the way). We left in the rain, ate in the rain, got gas in the rain, got lost in the rain. It was awesome. We made it to Vermont at dark. Rain suits may as well have been made out of tissues. They don't do much on a fenderless chopper I guess. GR frontman Walter Gemeinhardt got us all out of the rain that night by sweet talking the owner of an old horse race track. We slept in the main floor that night and had a few hours out of the rain. Thanks to the owner for letting a bunch of dirtbags in out of the rain. You saved our asses for sure. And letting us hang and party inside was great too. Day 2 saw more rain. Although not as bad as day 1. It was actually a pleasure to ride in it after the first day. There were spots of fairly dry pavement and visibility was way better. Rolling into camp 2 we picked up Shawn from Canada. He rode 2700 miles to join up with the run. This dude is hard as nails. Solo trip on a Honda 450 rigid chop from Calgary. Talk about hardcore. And he wasn't even halfway through his trip when he got there. There was a "gentlemen's club" down the street from the camp for those seeking entertainment and the owner of the "ACE OF CLUBS" was a gracious host. All who attended the place had a good time. The attractions were top shelf, the beer was cold, and the owner even let one guy fix his bike inside the bar! Not sure what town that is but it's near Saugerties, NY on rt. 32. Tell Mike that the Gypsy Run sent you.
After more partying and bike fixing at camp 2 it was a night of wet camping and dreams of clear skies. And dreams can come true. 20 miles into day 3 brought beautiful blue skies all day. Hard riding and the best roads NY and NJ have to offer. Did I even mention Michael Lichter yet? Holy shit. We had the honor of having THE Michael Lichter join the ride this year. For those who don't know who he is, he has been photographing biker events and lifestyle for 30 years. You see his work all over easyriders magazine. And he chose to come with us on the run and shoot for 3+ days. He is a great guy and I enjoyed a bit of conversation with him. Nice to talk with you Mike. He is also crazy as hell for riding backwards (as a passenger) on bike to shoot all the riders on the road. The back roads of Sussex County NJ are awesome. The route was much fun. And it all ended in Hackensack, NJ. The Wingmen MC opened up their clubhouse for us to use for our party. They were awesome hosts. Special thanks to Ronnie and Darrin of the Wingmen for helping a couple guys get their bikes fixed and letting us use the shop and tools. Above and beyond the call for sure. You guys are what it's about. The party was great with beer and food, swag for the runners and the prizes for some choice participants. Best bike went to Brett for his shovel. Shawn got the long distance for his ride from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I forgot who won best best brit bike (The Joe Scraper Almost Memorial Best Brit Bike Award). And the Bad Mother Fucker Award went to Heather from Maryland. She has less than a year on bike and rode up to the run, hung through all the weather, froze her ass off with us, crashed on slick tarred roads, and still kept up and rode every mile while smiling. She earned it.
Now if you missed, well then you missed a good time. It wasn't an easy ride but I think we all feel stronger for doing it. You have no excuses for not coming with us so don't even try. Just get busy getting ready for next year. Gypsy Run 4 will be bigger better and more fun than ever!