47Fab News: July 2009
47 Fab News

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oops. I did it again.

Got the other OIF Triumph frame done tonight. That makes 4 frames in 9 days. I'm tired of them at this point. Can I mount a seat or something please? HAHA. Thanks for the business guys. I really appreciate you all. 

Dice issue 27

So the new Issue of Dice is  not only available at 47 Industries but it includes a bike we built here. Mikey Gugliametti's CB350 cafe racer is featured on 4 acid-induced pages of  Dice Magazine! An honor for sure to have a bike in there. Thanks to Mikey for allowing the freedom to build what I thought was right. And to Matt and Dean for publishing it. And also to Ryzart for painting the tins, Joe Carter for the paint on the frame and other pieces, and Pete Dobosz for taking time to shoot the Photos. Wouldn't be possible without you all. Thanks.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oi! Oi! OIF!--DONE!

Yesterday I blogged that I was gonna try to do this nicely. Well, it wasn't so bad. Time involved-yes. Difficult-no. A good plan, careful prep of the parts and some fine welding yielded good results. I think it's done well. you? 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oi! Oi! OIF!

Oil In Frame triumphs are the bastard child of the Brit Cycle scene where choppers/bar hoppers are concerned. I'm gonna give a couple a go this week and see if I can't make it happen with some dignity. For the sake of budgets they are being done with hardtail sections from British Cycle Supply with +2". I've seen plenty of these done badly, I plan on it going well. We'll see how it goes. 

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shovelhead hardtail

I had the chance to hardtail a mid 70's Harley factory frame this week. I really like the axle plates on this one. They look very cool on a big-twin bike. Especially when the rest of the frame uses the factory forged parts. This a great way to get that hardtail look and simplicity and keep your factory stamped VIN in place. With all the new crap laws about special construction and all it makes it nearly impossible to build an old bike from parts anymore. This should help save some headaches. 


"Can you turn my straight leg frame into a wishbone frame?"

YES!!! I sure can. I wasn't sure at first if it was gonna be possible but it is. Wound up being a lot to consider since the lower frame tubes need to be spread. How much can you go before they kink? Who knew. How do you get the slugs in there right? Lots of things to think about. I got it done though and I think it looks pretty damn good so I'm bragging about it.  

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Went for a little cruise last weekend. Richiepan's birthday bash is called Panstock. It's great ride and a great party. No pretentious jerk-offs. Just real, true blue people being excellent to each other. So excellent a guy that owns a beautiful Pan came over to me and gave me a thumbs up on my jaPANese chopper. Let's see that happen at those "biker shows". I offered to trade him even up. No dice! Maybe next year. This was the second year I attended. The party gets better every year and the crowd never disappoints. The bikes were many and excellent. I don't recall how many were Panheads but it was a bunch. With flattys, knuckles, shovels, and a few others mixed in there too. 
  Fritz and I clocked up about 200 miles together so I know he did 400 himself. His bike runs like a fine clock. Jealous I am. Of course the usual suspects showed up. Too many to list but I love seeing you all and glad to have been able to make it. Thanks to Richiepan's family and friends for doing all the work to give us a great event. 
  2 pix that sum up the story. Great bikes and great people.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sorry to see this one going for sale

Against my better advice custom painter/pinstriper RYZART is selling his custom built Kawasaki KZ440. 47 Industries did much work on this one for Rich during the build. I think of some of this stuff I do as my children so when the owners part company it hurts a little for me too. Reworked frame rear section (check out the crisscrossed tubing at the front of the seat). Custom Xian Leather seat, one-off handlebars, and many other one of a kind parts. Lowered. It is a fresh build with only a few hundred miles since completion. He spared no expense in building it using many stainless steel fasteners and top quality parts in the process. Custom Black paint, newly rewired, and polished aluminum and chrome everywhere. Tuned for speed and Ready to ride. I've ridden it, it's a real screamer. $5000.00. Contact Rich at ryzart.com 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Get greasy

We just added Greasy Kulture Magazine! Now available on the stand at 47 Industries. Or I can mail them out to you. Email mike@47fab.com for orders and payment info.