47Fab News: June 2009
47 Fab News

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

awwwhh Jeeezzz. Another Honda?

That's right. Another Honda. I get asked "why don't you you stick to Harleys?" The answer is simple. Times are tough. People like me haven't much cash and want a cool custom. So the logical answer is a Honda. OK, it doesn't have the resale price of a Harley. It also doesn't have the buy-in cost either. But it can still be cool and fun to ride and real people won't look down there nose at you for it so there it is. Nothing against Milwaukee's finest here. I do them too. Hell, I even do those British bikes! Another good point is that these bikes tend to weigh around 300 lbs. full of fuel so it makes it nice for little guys and girls to handle. So get that old Honda out and chop away. More on this one soon. 

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So it looks like a bomb went off in here today. I had to get 2 bikes broken down in prep for final welding and frame paint. That means wheels, engines and bolts everywhere! At least it stopped raining long enough that I could go out in the sun and near 90 degree heat in a sweatshirt, gloves and full head gear to sandblast some parts. That was nice. Indoors tomorrow all day with a/c. Ahhh. Glad I put that in. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chris's cb550

Chris is a friend of mine who pisses me off. He's that guy who can do anything he sets his mind to and have it come out really great. I hate you Chris! But I love your bike. Chris did just about everything to this bike himself with the exception of the rear frame loop and foot levers, which I did, and the paint, which is by Ryzart. The result is an awesome machine. I hope it's getting some use Chris. Check out Chris' website to see his tattoo work http://chrisadamek.com/

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tom's Ironhead

This bike was mine up till last year. I blogged about it a while back when it was chopped in half. It's undergoing a major rework here. Got the majority of the rear section done. Got to get the fender and a few other knick-knacks (Ryan's saying- I like it) on it still but it is a major improvement thus far. Check out those axle plates! 47 Industries originals there. 

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Get your 47 Industries t-shirts. Only $15. s-2xl now available. Email mike@47fab.com for payment options and info. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Take me home country roads.

So I went to do a little trade this weekend and wound up dragging the '49 out to West Virginia with the help of a great friend, James. We were supposed to be coming back with a motorcycle. The other guy decided not to do the deal when we got there. I was pretty bummed to say the least after 7 hrs + each way, but I did get to have some good conversations with my friend about what's wrong with the world and what is the best way to remove people's fingers for stealing your stuff and that sort of thing. Anyway, the old '49 rode great at speed and never sputtered a bit! It was beautiful country. I'll make it a point to return sometime and enjoy it.  
  Well just when it was really hitting us as to how far we still were from getting home we ran into this great Model A pick-up just outside of Hagerstown, MD. I didn't catch the guy's name but he did tell us his dad bought the truck in 1956 and drove it all the time. The guy learned to drive on dad's old Model A and years later he wound up it's proud owner. It's a real survivor. I was able to peep through the hood louvers and see an Autolite exhaust manifold heater unit on there. I was sure to give him my number in case he ever wanted to part with it. I doubt my phone will ever ring. I actually hope it never does. He tore out of the gas station like a 16 yr. old in daddy's pick-up truck when he left. Nice to have met you buddy, you made our weekend. 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dice magazine

47 Industries now has Dice magazine! Come down and pick it up at the shop or I will mail them out to you. $6ea. up to issue 24. Issue 25 and 26 $7ea. Email mike@47fab.com or call 908-725-4389 for availability and shop hours. Hopefully we will be carrying more of those harder to find, very cool magazines in the future. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I miss this car

I was just coming back from the Caddy dealer and thinking I need to update here and saw some dude cruising his Malibu convertible. I though, Damn I miss my Caddy. It was no great hot rodding feat or anything but damn it was a blast. I sold it to build my '30 Roadster, which is in a million pieces right now. I think I should have kept it.