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47 Fab News

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

ATTENTION***ATTENTION** - as of 3-20-2017

47 industries has moved.

We have lost our lease at the Raritan shop as the property owner has sold the land and buildings and they will be redeveloping the block into luxury apartments. So in order to continue to serve our customers we have relocated to a new location that is just about 4 miles away.

For shipping purposes please use the new address provided here:

47 Industries
56 Gladys Ave.
Manville, NJ 08835

The phone number remains the same:


Email is also the same:


New hours will be by appointment only so please call ahead.

Thank you,…Mike47

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Evo big twin hardtail frame done

Here's the finished product. They are  just a little broader under the seat area to meet up with the factory seat tubing/plated section. Note the seamless bottom rails and retention of the factory trans x-member. We try to make these reminiscent of the original factory frames so we keep them as close to original length and design as we can. We even add a bend to the seat x-member. You could even run a juice drum brake if you wanted (disc works just fine too).

Monday, December 10, 2012

EVO soft tail to hardtail conversion

Got an EVO soft tail you want to hardtail? Want to keep the VIN? You can.

 Call 908-526-8865 or contact mike@47fab.com for details.

We also do Shovels, Sportsters (2" and 4" weld on sections), British or Japanese bikes as well as rake/stretch jobs, neck replacement and resto repairs. Check out the website archives for detailed close up pix of our work. Or check the Jock Shops / Chop Market threads for 47 Industries.

                                                                       Ready to cut

Tubing fit up

Rear  View

Finished pix to come when completed

Friday, December 7, 2012

Peter's sportster

Pete was gracious enough to allow us to have his scoot for a good amount of time to work out the details on our tails. Thanks for your patience Pete.

This is a 47 Industries 2" stretch tail. A 5" oil bag fits nicely without notching thanks to our s-bent seat post. The factory battery fits with just enough room for a rubber or leather strap and is easily serviced without major surgery.  Our design helps to fill the gaps so there's no large areas of empty space. Custom bent stainless sissy bar hold up the back of a re-radiused 5" flat fender. Lowbrow Customs supplied the seat and Biltwell supplied the hinge. We did a few mods to the factory caliper bracket and devised a nice way to keep it in between the tubes and looking clean. Our axle and spacer option will center your tire and align the chain and sprockets that we also can supply. We also used this bike to test out our new rattle free spring loaded bolt-on starter lever. We offer the tails as bare units or installed on your front section as well as with all these options installed and welded in place for you.

For more info contact mike@47fab.com or call 908-526-8865.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

"OFFICIAL" flyer

Help spread the word please. Hope to see everyone there.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

6 Over Movie Screening

Join us for our Welcome to Winter get together and 6 Over movie screening at 47 Industries. Saturday November 10, 2012. Doors at 7PM. Movie at 8PM. 59 Second Ave (behind somerset spring) Raritan, NJ 08869

    We will be showing the film on the wall drive in style. Only it'll be inside and without vehicles. Come hang out, shoot the breeze, and maybe pick up a copy for yourself.  BYOB (beverage store nearby).  No admission. No shut down time. We leave when the last body gets dragged out the door.

Truckin away

We've been working on this truck a little at a time over the last 2 years as the customers could swing the build. We've installed a lift so he can stack 2 race cars. We've shortened up the front of the box removing the overhang and removing 4000 lbs of structure to get it under weight. The last thing was to rebuild his lounge area. Previously he had a 4' 6" ceiling that you could only kneel or sit in. getting suited up at the track was done outside or in the back. He wanted a more livable space so we gutted it and built a new lounge area. 6' 6" ceiling with a hatch and ladder leading to a bunk level 48" tall above the lounge. All insulated and lined with embossed aluminum panels. Air conditioned upstairs and downstairs. Still needs a little trim painting and carpet in these pix.