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Friday, December 7, 2012

Peter's sportster

Pete was gracious enough to allow us to have his scoot for a good amount of time to work out the details on our tails. Thanks for your patience Pete.

This is a 47 Industries 2" stretch tail. A 5" oil bag fits nicely without notching thanks to our s-bent seat post. The factory battery fits with just enough room for a rubber or leather strap and is easily serviced without major surgery.  Our design helps to fill the gaps so there's no large areas of empty space. Custom bent stainless sissy bar hold up the back of a re-radiused 5" flat fender. Lowbrow Customs supplied the seat and Biltwell supplied the hinge. We did a few mods to the factory caliper bracket and devised a nice way to keep it in between the tubes and looking clean. Our axle and spacer option will center your tire and align the chain and sprockets that we also can supply. We also used this bike to test out our new rattle free spring loaded bolt-on starter lever. We offer the tails as bare units or installed on your front section as well as with all these options installed and welded in place for you.

For more info contact mike@47fab.com or call 908-526-8865.