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Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Sportster tails from 47 Industries

Attention Evo Sportster owners!!!

You can now keep your VIN numbers and have a good looking frame. 2" over tails are now available for 86-03 Evo Sportsters. We added a kick to the backbone to ease off the dreaded "seat bump".  We made the S-bent seat post to give you more room for your oil tank. A 5" round tank fits nice without notching and looks the part. Stock factory battery fits between the post and the fender. Factory caliper fits between the frame tubes. Sprotors fit too. We kept the lower rails low all the way back to the fender for sleeker (and more big-twin-ish) look. The ground clearance with a 16" x 5.00 tire is just over 4 1/2" under the battery area. All DOM .120" wall tubing. 1 1/4" lower tubing matches the diameter of the factory frame and 1 1/8" uppers eliminate the bulky look. Bent in house and jig assembled and all TIG welded. Axle plates are 1/2" thick.

Installation is as simple as it gets. 3 tubing cuts and welds and a couple plug welds and you're done.  Once you file and sand the seams it will appear to be a factory rigid frame instead of an added-on hardtail.

Upgrades are available: Axle adjusters, axle kits, battery trays, oil bags, caliper mounts, etc are able to be added on to make your build as easy as possible without all the parts guessing and fiddling around.

4" overs will be available in a couple weeks. Other custom lengths are available.

More details available by email mike@47fab.com or by calling the shop 908-526-8865