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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Killer Sportster For Sale

1996 1200 engine with low miles. Around 2k miles on build, most of the build parts are brand new and not recycled parts. Runs amazing and goes everywhere, it just plain fucking rips. For some more cash I can finish the nitrous setup and really scare someone.

Six piston differential bore jaybrake front caliper, 4 piston jaybrake in back, gsxr radial master cylinder, ebc full floating rotors front and back, -2 micro bore brake lines, gsxr clutch perch and lever, just the right kind of narrow ss t bars, kill switch lanyard for drag racing, 520 chain conversion with an ultra light hard anodized rear sprocket with tall gearing (120mph on straights, 100mph highway cruise, 65mph almost idling but still rips between lights), cut down/lightened/shortened front forks off of a 2002 dyna with all new seals and bushings, massaged triple trees, kraft tech no rake no stretch hardtail frame with mso, original neck with numbers, 96 hd title, NOS Super B carb so no throttle shaft air leaks, modified lowbrow peanut tank with RWD cast race quarter turn fuel cap and gsxr styled vent relocated fuel pickup and crossovers added to gain maximum fuel capacity, golan lifetime guarantee petcock, cut down paughco pipes, front street cycle rear fender, custom LED tail light, primary mounted plate, minimized stock wire harness, hella offroad headlight, renthal roadracing grips, stainless hardware on wheels, stainless rear axle, Avon roadrider tires, mini-lithium Ion battery, cut down engine covers, rocker box engraving, brushed finish on all metal all protected by gibbs, biltwell seat and seat pivot. All gaskets new for engine covers, engine does leak a bit of oil from pushrod tube orings if pushed hard though. And I am sure I am missing other things but you guys get the drift.

All hardware installed with appropriate locktight, done right, ride anywhere, no issues, survived me riding it so it will handle anything. Bike was tuned on my dyno and made 63 wheel hp before the factory rev limiter kicks in, will make close to 70 wheel hp with a few more rpm. Shot for Lowside mag at this year's Ride to skate.


Bike is in New Jersey. Contact Mike 908-209-3387