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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Too kool for skool

Mark's 52 'burban school bus turned bike hauler is done and will be aiding in the  moving of vintage British Motorcycles again very soon. This time around it was all new leaf springs and hardware, new shocks, steering box, straighten and rebuild the steering linkages, new king pins, rebuild the rear axle with new highway gears, new axle shafts, new bearings etc, new driveshaft yoke and u-joints, new clutch and rebuild the trans, rebuild the trans x-member mounts, new rear brakes and parking brake stuff, disc upgrade up front with a new dual pot master system, all new lines and hoses, remove some extra? metal parts from the bottom,  some new straight wheels with tasty pie crust tires, new battery box, battery and cables.  Maybe some more too that I choose not to recall right now. Thanks for your patience with the job Mark. You'll be happy you did the work.