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Sunday, July 22, 2012

getting closer to something....

Damn, Sometimes I feel like things just won't ever end. We started the office renovations over a month ago and we are still going at it. I'm just about burned out on this crap. Staying up till 3 am painting trim sucks. Days where you can't find a nylock nut in the sea of hardware bins. Paint, rearranging, tightening up our hardware storage, cleaning, redecorating, blah, blah, blah. I swear if I have to sort much more hardware I'm gonna punch myself in the balls. Thanks to my good friend Petey for hooking us up with the new artwork for the back wall. We get the hardware shelves back together in the AM and it's back to shop work again.

While all that is going on we are still in full work mode. Here's some 2 wheelers we are working on.

Honda cb350 we built a few years back for a good friend. Due to some unfortunate situations it had to sit outside and was not seeing use. It's in for a freshening up and get it fired. Back in service soon.

Shovelhead basket case for our boy Little Mikey. He bought a complete and really dirty stocker for a good price and the chop is on. Nothing fancy, just a down and dirty chop with one purpose: getting there.

I guess it's a "pile" or a "basket case" now isn't it?