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Friday, March 2, 2012

Josh! It's done

Josh's '82 shovel got the axe this week. Stock HD rigid dimensions for the most part. Forged axle plates, DOM tubing, and all Tig welded. All tubing is bent in house and all slugs are custom fit to each frame for good tight fits. All done on our frame fixture. This '82 had plates around the seat post and presented an interesting problem during the upper tube realignment step. I think we found a decent solution. That last pic is the bottom. There's 6 tube seams and 8 plug welds in that pic. We work hard to make sure you can't tell where they are. You won't need to do any body work to cover our work. We deliver all our hardtails back to our customers with this same level of fit and finish.
Turn around is usually 2 weeks depending on shop load (this one was 4 days). Contact mike@47fab.com for info.