47Fab News: Dice sucks?
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dice sucks?

When I first found Dice Magazine I really didn't care for it. It didn't give me enough details about the bikes like some of the popular magazines did. You know like how the guy ground down re-bar to make his 60 foot long ridicu-springer death-trap or how hairy his ass is. So I passed on Dice. Since then I've matured and realized that I don't care about those guys asses at all. I just want to see bikes built by regular guys and Indy shops that haven't sold out to the mighty (or not so mighty) dollar and just make cool shit. What I'm saying here is grow up and buy Dice Magazine. Look at some pix. and learn the details by studying the bikes and talking to the guys that ride them. Oh yeah, the newest issue is here #28. $7. Available at the news stand at 47 Industries or by mail. Back issues available. Email mike@47fab.com for payment info and availability. Step up, hairy ass bitches!