47Fab News: Take me home country roads.
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Take me home country roads.

So I went to do a little trade this weekend and wound up dragging the '49 out to West Virginia with the help of a great friend, James. We were supposed to be coming back with a motorcycle. The other guy decided not to do the deal when we got there. I was pretty bummed to say the least after 7 hrs + each way, but I did get to have some good conversations with my friend about what's wrong with the world and what is the best way to remove people's fingers for stealing your stuff and that sort of thing. Anyway, the old '49 rode great at speed and never sputtered a bit! It was beautiful country. I'll make it a point to return sometime and enjoy it.  
  Well just when it was really hitting us as to how far we still were from getting home we ran into this great Model A pick-up just outside of Hagerstown, MD. I didn't catch the guy's name but he did tell us his dad bought the truck in 1956 and drove it all the time. The guy learned to drive on dad's old Model A and years later he wound up it's proud owner. It's a real survivor. I was able to peep through the hood louvers and see an Autolite exhaust manifold heater unit on there. I was sure to give him my number in case he ever wanted to part with it. I doubt my phone will ever ring. I actually hope it never does. He tore out of the gas station like a 16 yr. old in daddy's pick-up truck when he left. Nice to have met you buddy, you made our weekend.