47Fab News: Thanks to all service men!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thanks to all service men!

I know it's not Veterans day or Memorial day or anything like that. I was talking to my neighbor last night about guys who served our country. He mentioned that one of my recent customers thanked him for his service. That guy was only the 4th person to ever do so. It really made him happy to hear it. He was in the Navy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I knew this as long as I've known him and apparently I have never said thank you to him for his service. 40+ years and 4 thank yous. That's just horrible. I know sounds trivial to most people but I really feel a debt of gratitude to all those who served in any capacity and at any time in our country's history, war time or peace time.
   I think I am reluctant to say thanks sometimes as when I was younger it was post- Vietnam and my parents had friends who were over there. I was always hearing how we shouldn't bring it up as these guys don't want to have to remember the horrors they saw. I think that is why I am a bit slow to say thanks but here it is to all of you who might find this post. 
   THANK YOU - for your selflessness to go and put yourselves in harms way to protect the freedoms most Americans (and others) take for granted on a daily basis. I am fully aware of the sacrifices you have all made for people you will never know. I am proud of everyone one of you. I wish I was half the man you all are.