47Fab News: Till death do us part.....
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Till death do us part.....

Chopped down another one for a little stretch and chop job. 3" might be right on this one. It's an 83 ironhead sportster. This one is especially important to me as it used to be my bike. I rode it like I stole it. So much that I failed to keep oil in it and smoked the top end last year on my way back from DC. It was my old faithful. It always ran when my other bikes wouldn't. It was zip tied together and was unstopable till that day. I deserved to lose her. Till death do us part.

Tom has been good to her so far and now has hired me to rebuild her to what I always had in mind and never followed up on. The surgery has begun.  
here she as I owned her and how she looked on the operating table tonight.