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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pretty cool photo

I'm not a very artsy photographer. Most of my pictures suck. Even snapshots I take for my work records or for posting here are horrible. This one isn't really much different. It's dark and I was actually trying to get a shot of the aluminum dash that I had just welded to show the weld bead. I have a 30 yr. old TIG machine with no pulser. I was real proud of being able to do a nice run like this one. I only got a bit of the dash in the shot as I wasn't laying on the floor but rather standing and just reached down with the camera. I had pretty much passed over this one about 10 times. I just stopped on it and realized that is really a cool photo. The dash is is focus but the wall in the background is blurry. Also the fact that I got the ceiling in there gives it a very interesting angle. I know there is a technical photo term for this but I don't know what it is. It shows what I wanted it to but just not how I intended it to. Maybe you will dig it maybe you won't. I think my point is that the best pix. are sometimes the ones that you just snap when you really aren't even trying. So just hold the camera out there and let it rip.