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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Second chance on life

 It takes all kinds of people to make the world go 'round. And styles of cars are as different as the people who own them. That said, here's one that's evolved through owners. Most cars serve their use and wind up in the crusher. I couldn't stand to see this lincoln go that route. I pulled this white '69 lincoln out of a half burned-down garage around 2001 or so. I did some mechanical work on it and got it the road. It was the Deathmobile as far I was concerned. It was shot flat black. I grew tired of the car and sold it. I kept in touch with the new owner for a while but it seems he owed the state a few years of his time for some reason, and had to sell it off after he had invested in some body and paint work to make it cool driver.  It's current owner found my number in the car's trunk, on the very FOR SALE sign I had in the window, and asked for some help getting it back on the road. It took a while as a few key pieces were missing in the ownership changes. I have been doing mostly interior reassembly and trim work to get the car up to speed. This owner's idea was a big wheel, mild custom. No major mods, just clean with some wheels and tires.  It's finally all back in one piece and enjoying the second life it was granted. Jabar, thank you for having the patience and confidence in me to do the work I did. And thanks for helping me save another great car from the crusher.