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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Class and Style

Ralph's '53 Buick Special is a long term project here. When we first got it and found out the engine needed a rebuild he was a bit disappointed and was about to go the Small-Block Chevy route to get it back on the road. I was able to convince him, quite easily, that was not the way to go if he wanted to have the class and style that the car deserved. Yes I have a Chevy in my hotrod but there was just no need to do that to this car. And if we did it would have lowered it's style rating big time. We found a good used replacement engine and now have it where it belongs. There's a lot to do on the car still and Ralph's a family man so there's a budget to keep under control. This will take a while as there are a lot of things on this car to tend to.  The engine bay was cleaned up and given a spritz and we're about to start the rewiring. Point here is if you're gonna spend money on a car, it may as well be spent on something  with class and style. An ideal that Ralph understands and more people to need to. More on Ralph's car in the future.